About Me


So here's a little blurb about me:

I am a business graduate from Ryerson University who majored in Entrepreneurship. During my time as a student, I discovered comic books and instantly sparked a passion for them. All of my university projects and essays revolved around comic books and I began studying its art, history and the industry.

Towards the end of university, I found a job at Gotham Central Comics & Collectibles in Mississauga. From there, I was exposed to many different writers and their published works. My favorite writers include: Rick Remender, Jason Aaron, Jonathan Hickman, Jeff Lemire and Brian K. Vaughn. In the end, I challenged myself to write comic books to truly put my passion to the test.

Writing Lady of Wrath challenged me to put my best foot forward, knowing that I would have a talented artist interpreting and illustrating my scripts. We've had our hurdles and delays, but I am proud to tell you that Oliver has worked especially hard to bring this book to life.

Honestly, this book is all about showing what Oliver can do as an artist. Whether it's the way he can creatively envision panels, intricately detail the pages or commit to the amount of work needed to be done, Oliver's work needs to be shown to the world.

And Lady of Wrath is that book.

Our first time promoting Lady of Wrath at Fan Expo 2016

Promoting our Kickstarter at Gotham Central

The Bushido Red team debuting all of our books at Fan Expo 2017

Oliver and I promoting Lady of Wrath at Gotham Central in Mississauga

Anne Kwan as our special Guest at the Gotham Central event

Kagan McLeod drew La Ira, the Lady of Wrath, at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival 2017

The Lady of Wrath team at Freakshow Comics in Niagara Falls -- Oliver's local comic book store

First Lady of Wrath CGC submitted by Dino De Simone

Lady of Wrath comission by Kagan Mcleod

Me and Jay Baruchel with Lady of Wrath #1 at the Mississauga Comic Expo 2017